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I like to say thank you for the Applikation DbVisualizer Version 2.1 . I do using PostgreSQL and normaly its work on the Console or pgaccess . But...

Frank Bielemeier

Who Uses DbVisualizer

Adobe Systems
Apple Inc.
Hewlett Packard
Novell, Inc.
sd&m AG
Uber Technologies Inc
VMware, Inc.
BP Oil International Ltd
British Telecom
Netflix, Inc.
Sony Pictures
Merrill Lynch
Arizona State University
Rockstar Games
Twitter, Inc.
Zynga Game Network, Inc.
HomeAway Inc.

Press Release

DbVisualizer optimized for Vertica

HP Vertica, the Big Data DB and DbVis Software have cooperated to deliver Vertica optimization in DbVisualizer, the universal database tool. Two flavors are available – DbVisualizer Pro that supports Vertica on a higher level from version 9.1.10, and DbVisualizer Free for Vertica, a special version available for free from HP Vertica’s Marketplace ( The DbVisualizer Free for Vertica version has more features relevant for Vertica users compared to the vanilla DbVisualizer Free, and is designed to be a true productivity tool for casual Vertica users. Both the Pro and Free for Vertica versions use the same Vertica optimization, but the richer feature set of the commercial Pro version renders it more useful for advanced Vertica users. It is possible to mix and match the two versions in an organization, based on user profiles and individual needs.

DbVisualizer Free for Vertica recognizes key Vertica features such as Projections and Flex Tables and supports other databases with the same functionality as in standard DbVisualizer Free, enabling Vertica users to manage other databases as data sources.

The commercial DbVisualizer Pro edition adds even more features such as schema export, graphs, visual query builder, data importer, spreadsheet editing of table data. Pro features all integration work done for Vertica as well as for a handful of other databases.

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